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New Information On a Fatal Metro EMS Ambulance Crash that Killed the Patient

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — WAVE 3 has obtained new information that sheds light on the crash of a Louisville Metro EMS ambulance that killed the patient inside. Vickie Whobrey died in April. This week, we got the records from the Metro EMS investigation into what happened. Wave 3’s Janelle MacDonald has been going through them.

Vickie Whobrey’s family called for an ambulance because she had a serious nose bleed. She died of the blunt force trauma she got when the ambulance crashed.

“I need to know the truth of what happened behind that wheel. That is owed to me and my family,” says her daughter, Maggie.

The truth, according to the records, was co-workers felt something was not right with the driver of the ambulance, Tammy Brewer. On the night of the crash, Brewer’s partner, Gregory Gavin, text messaged another co-worker: “You should see her (Brewer), she is loopy.”

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