Mass Casualty Incidents, Operations

Volunteer organizations make up a large percentage of 9-1-1 ambulance responders. Some stations schedule duty crews, while others make do with members who are available to respond. But how do members at the station know whoÌs responding after the tones drop? A new Web-based service,, is designed to help you answer that question. Once an organization joins, members responding to calls simply speed dial a pre-programmed toll-free number, and either just hang up or push one of nine buttons to specify a response status. The Web site automatically updates in seconds, and anyone logged on (members, officers and even dispatch centers) can see whoÌs responding to the station, whoÌs responding to the scene, whoÌs not available to respond and other user-defined choices. This system is also ideal for specialty teams, such as hazmat, SWAT, MCI and departmental staff emergency recalls.

Operating system: Any Internet browser
Cost: $800 for a one-year subscription,
$725/year for a three-year subscription,
$650/year for a five-year subscription