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Ferno POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cot System

The Ferno POWERFlexx+ Powered Ambulance Cot System offers advanced power management features that allow you to keep the batteries in the cot and out of crew hands. This cot uses a 24-volt DC power pack with sealed lead-acid batteries that don’t develop a “memory” and can provide power for 20 or more complete calls. A sleep mode helps preserve battery life and wakes up at the touch of the activation pad. The system is also available with Ferno’s Integrated Charging System, which charges the batteries while the cot is in the fastener. The POWERFlexx+ also offers an unassisted lifting capacity of 700 lbs., no pinch points, a five-position load bar for greater maneuverability and multiple lift positions, and dual lifting cylinders and rails that provide smooth and even lifting. In its lowest position, the POWERFlexx+ can transport 1,100 lbs.

Power: 24-V DC power pack
Cost: $8,299