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Zimek Ambulance Decontamination System

No matter how clean your ambulance is, there’s no five-second rule! But Zimek Ambulance Decontamination System does more than clean your ambulanceÛit sterilizes it. Zimek uses a specially formulated disinfectant solution icroscopically distributed by the Dri-Mist Micro-Particle Generator that breaks down the formula into negatively charged ion particles. Because these particles are smaller than 1 micron, they can access every virus, bacterium and allergen on all vehicle surfaces. Operation of the Zimek decontamination system is straightforward: A high-pressure liquid disinfectant applicator is used to clean large surfaces, the vehicle is sealed, a 6″ diameter hose is attached to the Dri-Mist Micro-Particle Generator, and a computer-controlled decontamination cycle is completed. With the threat of avian flu on the horizon, this product could be a true lifesaver.

Size: 49″ x 43″ x 24″
Weight: 243 lbs. (empty)
Liquid capacity: 12 gal.
Cost: $50,500