Equipment & Gear, Trauma

Skedco FEBSS

High-tech patient simulators offer an amazing array of features, but they all lack one key component: Manikins can’t be physically combative. So how do you simulate patients becoming combative secondary to shock and cerebral hypoxia due to unchecked severe bleeding? One answer is to recruit some willing “victims” and have them wear the Field Expedient Bleeding Simulation System (FEBSS) from Skedco. This system can simulate severe arterial and venous bleeding on a live actor who can then react as they would in the real world under trauma. One of the many unique features of the FEBSS is the way the instructor can start and stop the bleeding by using a wireless remote to turn the pump on and off. The FEBSS Basic Kit consists of a control pack that pumps the blood from the simulated wound, four FEBSS Remote Control transmitters, two 1.5-L bladder bags with quick connects, a 9-L refill tank, two rechargeable battery packs with charger, a moulage fabrication kit, an FEBSS field pack and a heavy duty storage kit.

Fluid capacity: 3 LÜ
Remote control range: 30 ft.Ü
Constant flow time: 2Ò7 min.Ü
Cost: $2,651.14Ü