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ML Kishigo Ultra-Cool Mesh Vests

In November 2008, new standards will go into effect that require everyone working on a highway (with a few exceptions for law enforcement) to wear ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 compliant vests. ML Kishigo’s 1166 and 1167 4-Season Ultra-Cool Mesh Vests feature adjustable side closures to fit over summer uniforms and bulky winter jackets. ANSI Class 2 compliant, the vests feature two 1″ wide strips of silver reflective material with 4.5″ contrasting color. Multiple outside and inside pockets are included for convenience.

Sizes: M/XL & 2XL/4XLÜ
Base Colors: Lime, orangeÜ
ANSI Class: 2Ü
Cost: $21.95Ü

EditorÌs Note:This product image was updated. The originally published photo was incorrect.