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Mayo Nurse Appointed to Maine EMS Board

BANGOR, Maine — Judy Gerrish, RN, director of the Heartwise cardiac rehabilitation program at Mayo Regional Hospital, has been appointed by Gov. John Baldacci to serve on the board of directors for Maine Emergency Medical Services.

Gerrish will represent the hospital sector on the board, and is scheduled to attend her first meeting May 7 in Augusta.

Maine EMS is part of the Department of Public Safety in state government. The bureau is the central agency responsible for coordination and integration of all state activities concerning EMS and the overall planning, evaluation, facilitation and regulation of EMS in our state.

The EMS board meets six times each year in Augusta. The board has 17 members who are appointed by the governor, and directors serve three-year terms.

Gerrish serves as the Quality Assurance Quality Improvement nurse for Mayo EMS ambulance and is involved in training EMS personnel in advanced life support. She has been connected to EMS work since 1974, and taught paramedic courses from 1993 to 2005.