Airway & Respiratory, Patient Care, Trauma

˜ssur Papoose Infant Spinal Immobilizer

A pediatric emergency is a high-anxiety call for most of us. We learn early on that the quiet pediatric patient is the one to fear and the baby who’s screaming his head off is obviously maintaining an airway, breathing and likely has a strong pulse. But when you need to immobilize the C-spine of that screaming baby, you really have your work cut out for you. The new Papoose Infant Spinal Immobilizer from ˜ssur makes our job much easier. This miniature, molded plastic, short backboard maintains spinal alignment; a series of straps secure the patient’s torso, head and pelvis to the Papoose; and the front of a cervical collar ensures proper positioning. The Papoose canÜalso be used to hold a squirming patient for IV insertion orÜother procedures.

Age range: BirthÒ3 months
Sizes: 1
Cost: $120