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Maine EMS Gets Hazmat Gear

Thanks to a $2,000 Maine Municipal Association grant, Med-Care Ambulance Service employees will soon be protected when responding to potentially hazardous situations.

According to ambulance service Director Dean Milligan, the two- thirds matching funds for the grant will be used to buy protective clothing.

Specifically, the garments will protect employees from potential:

Flash-fire situations, and lacerations from glass, metal and sharp objects, while operating inside automobiles at motor vehicle accidents.

Blood-borne pathogens and other contaminants they may come in contact with on a daily basis.

Chemical exposures at hazardous materials events when treating patients who have been contaminated and gross-field decontaminated, and need medical attention.

Milligan said the garments will also continue to allow Med-Care to remain in compliance with federal safety standard mandates.

Safety enhancement grants, for which Med-Care applies biannually, are used to buy safety equipment or services that help to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.