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Underwater Kinetics HangAir Drying System

Your day was long enough without having to deal with the two-alarm fire in a torrential downpour right at the end of shift. Now you wonder if your coat and fire gear will be dry before you come back to work in 12 hours. With the newÜHangAir Drying System fromÜUnderwater Kinetics, you won’t have to worry about wet gear for long. The strong, impact-resistant nylon hanger will handle a 100-lb. load and houses a 120 ft/min. fan that blows air through the gear and dries it in hours instead of days. The wide shoulder design prevents damaging creases in fabric, and the fan runs on a 12-volt power supply to keep a safe, low voltage near your wet garments.

Weight: 54 lbs.
Size: 22.7″ L x 14.2″ W x 71″ D
Power: 110 or 240 volts
Cost: $39.99
858/513-9100 x244