JavaMedic offers a wide variety of coffee cleverly classified into dysrhythmia categories per caffeine level. The Java Drip, a Normal Sinus Blend, is full of flavor and aroma. The Java Alert, found in the Tachycardic Blends, has a stronger yet slightly sweeter flavor. Trauma Mama, a dark roast V-Fib Blend, is comparable to espressoÛstrong flavor and aromaÛbut tasty. These “defibrillating blends of beans” are also available in flavors like Decapitated Decaf, Java Pressor, K-9 Kenya, V-Tach Espresso, BP Protocol, Cardiac Cath Vanilla and Hazmat Hazelnut.

Flavors: 10
Beans: Ground or whole
Cost: $8.65 – $8.95 per lb.