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Spearhead a Safety Group at Work

Step One: Select one person to be the risk manager for your organization. Provide him/her with the training and support necessary to get started with the process. (Sources: ASSE, ICATS, NSC or an insurance carrier.)

Step Two: Identify the potential problem areas within your service. (Example: vehicle exposures, facilities exposures, medical malpractice exposures, pollution exposures, management exposures.)

Step Three: Share your organization s loss history with your risk manager and explain why and how these losses affect the bottom line as well as each of the employees. Job security depends on each member of the organization doing their part. The more losses, the higher the costs are to you and your bottom line.

Step Four: Appoint, or better yet ask, for volunteers within the organization to serve on a task force to identify problem areas and lend recommendations for correction. Caution: When selecting people to serve, set a couple of basic requirements for participation. If you have all new employees on the committee or if you have all members from one division of the organization, results may take much longer.

Step Five: Map out your plan of attack. Set reasonable goals for your target dates. Identify areas of greatest concern to all parties concerned. Place those concerns in order of priority and approach them one at a time. Start slowly and watch the involvement grow.

Step Six: Ask your employees what kind of incentives they would want as rewards for meeting goals and objectives. Many a dollar has been spent on items that didn’t mean a thing to the providers, therefore, no incentive existed. What they would like to have may surprise you.

Step Seven: Have review sessions with your committee to see where they are and where they’re supposed to be. Lend your support to them as they feel they need it. Encourage them to complete a certain project if it’s more urgent that the others presently being pursued. Mid course correction is always necessary in any plan.

Step Eight: REWARD, REWARD, REWARD! Every dollar spent on prevention could cost you 10 to 100 times more in claims. Constant acknowledgement from management is essential to any program s success. Without it, the program merely exists without results.

Step Nine: Evaluate the committee at least every year to assure that equal representation exists as it compares to your organization’s growth. A committee with unequal representation may have a greater task than necessary.

Step Ten: Reward yourself! It’s a difficult task to delegate responsibility to someone else when you feel you ought to be doing it.

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