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Novatac EDC 120E

“If you don’t carry it on your person everyday, it won’t be there when you really need it.” This is one of the tenets of street survival training — and why EMTs and paramedics always carry gloves. So what do you do when you respond to the noontime call at a residence and have to assess a patient in an unlit attic? Where’s your flashlight? Is it on you or back in your rig? Designed to be easily carried, theÜNovatac EDC 120E is a compact light that will fit in your pocket. This versatile light is programmed to switch on at just 35 lumens. If you double-click it, the light illuminates to 70 lumens. If you click it and hold down the activator, you’ll get a super-bright 120 lumens. And a triple-click will place it in a signaling strobe mode.


Weight: 31 oz. (with battery)

Length: 3.3″

Diameter: 1″

Cost: $139