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AllMed Ambulance Vehicle Crew (AVC) Helmet

What size helmet do you wear? Not sure? That’s because many firefighting helmets come in one size, with a ratcheting headband to ensure proper fit.ÜThe Ambulance Vehicle Crew (AVC) Helmet fromÜAllMed comes in four sizes and protrudes only 1 1/2″ from your head. Now you can wear a compact helmet during extrication instead of placing it on the roof of the vehicle. At a USAR training exercise, the Kevlar-carbon composite helmet performed exceptionally well during a drop test, where a 1-lb. piece of steel fell approximately 8 ft. and glanced off of the AVC with only a scuff to the outer shell. The helmet also features an optional FoxFury TX-1 light designed to breakaway at impact and includes a steel, quick-release buckle, adjustable visor and a crown pad shaped like the Star of Life.


Weight: 1.9 lbs.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colors: Blue and red

Cost: $199-$224