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Calgary EMS Vaccinates Against Mumps

Calgary EMS in„Alberta,„Canada has implemented a voluntary program where employees who may be in the high-risk group of contracting mumps can be vaccinated by a designated co-worker on shift.

According to the„Calgary Health Region Provincial Mumps Program 2007-08 Client Education, “An increasing number of mumps cases have been reported across„Canada recently including„Alberta. Identified high risk groups are individuals in post secondary institutions born in or after 1970, and others in the community between 17-26 years of age. These groups would have received 0 or a single dose of mumps-containing vaccine in childhood. The goal of this program is to ensure individuals in these high risk groups are vaccinated with two doses of mumps-containing vaccine which will provide longer lasting protection against mumps.”

For more information, contact Calgary EMS at 403/538-7638.