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SharkLids Blaze sunglasses

ThereÌs no cooler fashion statement than sunglasses with your uniform, which explains why so manyÜEMS personnel have had their expensive designer sunglasses stolenÛnot to mention lost, driven over, stepped on, folded in half, spindled or mutilated during their shift. And thereÌs nothing worse than reaching for your spare pair in your gear bag and finding them in pieces when you finally need them. To keep your hip together, carry SharkLids Blaze sunglassesÛpatented, self-adhesive,Üdisposable eyewear that use high-grade, optically clear, tinted films that are 99% UV absorbing. These thin, lightweight sunglasses attach to yourÜtemples with a medical-grade, FDA-approved adhesive that holds up during heavy perspiration. Now you can easily keep a back-up pair in your gear bag, glove box and even yourÜback pocket without fear of breakage.


Size: One size fits all

Color: Gold

Cost: 5 for $7.50