Depending on how long youÌve been in EMS, you may remember the Ïold ACLS,Ó when intubation was a mandatory skill and evaluators held stop watches to ensure you spent no more than 30 seconds between ventilations. Throughout the years, the American Heart Association (AHA) has transitioned from this hardcore stance on intubation to one that more accurately reflects the diversity of skills of ACLS students. The AHA has filled this gap with a new Airway Management Course. The emphasis is more on ventilation with a bag-valve mask (BVM) during the initial resuscitation than on the intubation skill. ThisÜfive-hour, DVD-driven course is designed around a six-to-one student to instructor ratio and includes learning stations on BVM ventilation, suctioning, OPA, NPA, LMA, Combitube, ETT and the impedance threshold device. The Airway Management Facilitator Package includes a 36-page student manual and a course DVD.


Length: 5 hours

Cost: $175