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Abyss OTB Footwear

Finding shoes to perform your job safely and comfortably in a marine or wet environment can be challenging. But OTB Footwear may have found the answer in the Abyss, a sturdy, lightweight boot that combines quality, comfort and functionality. The design of the Abyss is made for personnel who need a shoe that can be worn on land or in water, and is able to withstand strenuous activity with no problem. Tested in various water bodies and terrains, including the surf of the Atlantic Ocean,Üstillwater lakes and rapidly moving streams with stone, gravel or sand bottoms, the soles provided adequate traction on all surfaces. When making the transition from water to land, the shoe drains quickly, so youÌre able to continue your duties without having to remove or change your shoes. Similar features are available in OTBÌs SAR Boot, Odhin and Tide shoes.


Sizes: 6Ò14

Colors: Tan & black

Cost: $89.95Ò$119.95