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2007 Holiday Toy Special

Toy manufacturers seem to be keeping pace with last yearÌs batch ofÜEMS-themed toys, so there will be no shortage of resources if an MCIÜoccurs under your tree. And if Santa falls from his ÏRose Such a LadderÓ (think Tim AllenÌs The Santa Clause), these toys will be ready to respond.

Fisher Price GeoTrax Rail & Road SystemÜ

Fisher Price had addressed theÜEMS needs of the GeoTrax Rail & Road System with ÏStat,Ó the ambulance, and ÏStewart,Ó the most helpful paramedic. The set comes complete with responding lights and sirens to get through traffic and reach emergency scenes. To top it off,ÜStat & Stewart even comes with an injured patient that little rescuers can treat and transport to the hospital of their choice.


Ages: 2 1/2 +

Pieces: 3Ü

Batteries: 1 AAA (included)Ü

Cost: $7.99Ü



Mattel Matchbox Ambulance

MattelÌs Matchbox cars and vehicles have been involved in more pile-up crashes in living rooms and yards over the years than you can count. The 2007 Matchbox Ambulance is designed on a medium-duty Chevrolet chassis. This Type III features a red lightbar, box flashers and an ECG strip design on the sides. And if air transport is required, have the Sky Busters Air Ambulance dispatch for flight. The four-rotor fuselage comes with blue-tinted windows for better visibility at higher altitudes.


Cost: $0.95, Matchbox Ambulance; Sky Busters Air Ambulance, $2.35ÜÜ