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Got a Recruitment Strategy?

Recruitment in„EMS is a hot topic. The„2007 JEMS Salary Survey discusses the idea of a perceived “paramedic shortage,” and a vast majority of services (72%) reported in a recent poll that they’ve seen a shortage of certified paramedics available to hire.

Organizations have different ways of addressing the problem of recruiting and retaining quality personnel. Many agencies offer a signing bonus for EMTs and paramedics. A few offer unique benefits, such as meal or concierge service, or uniform dry cleaning. Others start mentor programs to keep the employees they have. (For an example, check out “Mentors in„Memphis.”)

Honolulu has a program to introduce high school students to„EMS. (For more on this, check out the exclusive article, “Hawaiian-Style Recruitment.”)

The island city, which has double-digit EMS vacancies, also just announced it will start paying candidates who go through an EMT certification program if they promise to work for the city for two years. For more on„Honolulu_s newest recruitment technique, check out the Honolulu Advertiser story, “City’s Offer: Get paid to become a Honolulu EMT.”

Does your organization offer unique benefits or have a strategy to attract quality caregivers or keep good employees?„E-mail us or post a comment to let us know.