Review of:„„ Spanjersberg WR & Schipper IB: “Kitesurfing: When fun turns to trauma — The dangers of a new extreme sport.” Journal of Trauma. June 1, 2007. (ePub).

Extreme sports are becoming more popular, and these authors take a look at one of the newest — kitesurfing, which incorporates aspects of windsurfing, kite flying and water skiing into one exciting water ride. The authors point out the potential injuries of kitesurfing and, after reviewing how the kite system works, present five kitesurfing patients. They found most of the injuries were extremity fractures and head injuries that occurred as a result of being blown off the water and onto land.

You might be called to respond to a patient following a kitesurfing incident. “Be prepared” may be the motto for the Boy Scouts of America, but it also applies to„EMS. So read this article, and get a head start on this extreme sport and its effects on the body.