Studies show that a post-resuscitation hypothermia protocol can decrease the potential for neurological damage and improve outcomes in patients who survive cardiac arrest. The dramatic results achieved in treating an injured Buffalo Bill’s receiver in September also indicate that the storage and administration of cool fluids to CNS patients may be in your future.

During warm weather, it’s difficult enough to maintain comfortable ambient temperatures in the rear of the ambulance, much less keep IV fluids cooled. The new Engel MT17 AC/DC Refrigeration Unit maintains a steady temperature (between 2_C and 4_C) and can be powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt DC supply and/or an AC shoreline. The MT17 replaces the MT15 used by Wake County EMS (featured in the October 2007 JEMS State of the Science supplement). The MT17’s upgrades include a more efficient compressor, upgraded stainless hinges, convenient handles and a two-year warranty.


Weight: 35 lbs.

Size (outside): 21.2″ x 12″ x 14.2″

Volume (interior): 16 qt.

Power: 0.5-2.3 amps

Cost: $599.99