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CL-20 Auditable Narcotics Lock

Securing and documenting narcotics is a daily routine for paramedics, but many services use only simple lock boxes and pass the keys from medic to medic at shift change. This presents an issue for managers: knowing who’s really using the keys during each shift and worrying about security when a paramedic leaves their service. Built with a mechanical override in case of battery failure, the secure CL-20 Auditable Narcotics Lock from Kaba Mas uses a keypad instead of a metal key, providing each medic with a unique code that enables managers to audit access. (So now the boss will know if you really did open the box to count the narcotics.)


Size: 1.25″ x 5.63″ x 0.85″

Power: 2 CR-2 lithium 3v

Cycles: 35,000 (per battery)

Cost: $285