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Hundreds of Thousands Evacuated

Fires are ravaging Southern California from„Santa Barbara to the International Border in„San Diego„County. One main key to managing resources is proper firefighter rehabilitation.

Eleven fires are causing evacuations of entire communities, including hospitals and long-term living facilities. In„Los Angeles„County, evacuations include„Malibu and the„Pepperdine„University area. In northern„San Diego„County,„Palomar„Medical„Center and„Pomerado„Hospital were ordered to evacuate. Does your community have a backup plan in case of large-scale evacuations?

Evacuation sites in„Los Angeles included„Zuma„Beach and several high schools. Among the larger evacuation sites in„San Diego were the„Del Mar racetrack and Qualcomm Stadium.

For more on firefighter rehabilitation and treating patients with smoke inhalation, look for articles in December JEMS. Also, download the May 2007 article ˙Noninvasive Measurement: A transformation in prehospital care using the pulse CO-oximeterÓ and the May 2006 editorial ˙Rehab & High Reliability Organizations.Ó