JEMS is often cited in academic journals and reports as a source of ground-breaking industry news with its eye on trends in care, administration, and health and safety.

Adding to this are recent mentions in an Oct. 10 USA Today article and an Oct. 11 infogram from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management and Response-Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR-ISAC), the latter of which was quoted in an IAFC newsletter.

In the front-page USA Today article,„„”New device brings fast help to a failing heart,”„Robert„Davis discusses CPAP and„how it’s making its way into more and more ambulances. It quotes tables and information in the latest JEMS supplement,„”State of the Science.”

The FEMS EMR-ISAC document quotes Steve Wirth’s exclusive article “Ambulance Accidents: When Will We Wake Up?” when discussing the new practice of recruiting for “driver-only” positions and the need to screen and train safe vehicle operation. The same infogram quoted an EMS Insider article„”Bariatric Patients Pose Weighty Challenges,” as guidance for„EMS agencies to address the challenges posed by large patients.„

Click„here for the full USA Today story.

Click„here for the full FEMA EMR-ISAC infogram.