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PL Custom Emergency Vehicles Side Body Skirts

You may not remember your first call, your first cardiac arrest or your first save, but certainly you remember the first ambulance you ever worked in. Mine was made by PL Custom Emergency Vehicles. The quality of the workmanship in a PL vehicle has always been impressive, but their new lower side body skirts allow easier access to the vehicle. By lowering the side body skirts just 3 inches, itÌs now much easier to load and unload the main oxygen cylinder and even easier to step into the cab. The lower body skirts also provide better access to the side-entrance door with an intermediate side-entrance doorstep, which features a non-skid surface.


Size: 3″


Fran Hildwine, BS, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, coordinates the monthly Hands On column in JEMS. HeÌs the administrative director of the Paramedic Training Institute at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Delaware County, Pa., and an adjunct faculty member at Delaware County Community College with more than 19 yearsÌ EMS experience. Contact him atÜ[email protected].