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LYFETYMER Audible Compression Metronome

The keychain-sizeÜLYFETYMER Audible Compression Metronome (ACM) will help your crews perform CPR in compliance with American Heart Association guidelines. All you do is turn it on and select either the Professional mode (100 compressions/minute) or the non-medical responder mode (30 compressions/2 breaths), and the deviceÌs audible and visual indicators talk you through perfectly timed CPR. The unitÌs audio tells you when to compress and ventilate while simultaneously flashing red (compression) and blue (ventilation) LEDs. In addition, every two minutes in the Professional mode, the LYFETYMER ACM reminds you to switch partners. The ACM also serves as an excellent training tool, reinforcing CPR education. Best of all, for providers of any level, the ACM focuses attention directly to chest compressions, which has been proven to optimize outcomes.

The ACMÌs size and attached carabiner can be attached to an airway bag, defibrillator or crew memberÌs belt loop, making it immediately available for activation whenever itÌs needed. It comes complete with two AAA batteries, a carabiner with imprintable key chain, and ballistic nylon belt clip/belt loop case that holds the ACM, a filtered face shield (mask) and gloves for crew protection.


Size: 3″ x 2.25″ x 0.5″

Weight: 54 grams (with 2 AAA batteries)

Cost: $24.95


Fran Hildwine, BS, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, coordinates the monthly Hands On column in JEMS. HeÌs the administrative director of the Paramedic Training Institute at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Delaware County, Pa., and an adjunct faculty member at Delaware County Community College with more than 19 yearsÌ EMS experience. Contact him atÜ[email protected].