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JEMS Games Team Wins Gold

On Saturday, Sept. 29, the„Regional Cooperative Care Program team from San Diego, Calif., ƒ winners of the 2007 JEMS Games ƒ won first place (gold) at the„Asia Pacific Simulation Challenge in Australia after a very strong performance on Friday night.

The RCCP team was sent to the competition as a part of their 2007 prize package from JEMS and the„Australian„College of Ambulance Professionals. Team members were paramedics James Marugg, Cory Brown, and Dannie Meyers, along with Travis Kusman as the team alternate.

British Columbia took second place (silver) and FDNY EMS took third (bronze).

It was a compelling sight to witness the governor of„Queensland place the gold medals on the team members. The governor told Dannie she was pleased to see a woman on the winner’s platform. The„U.S. national anthem was then played.

Laerdal was a sponsor and did an exceptional job in support of these games. The conference was well attended and featured teams from the„U.S.,„Australia,„Canada,„New Zealand and„Hong Kong. The FDNY Team was sponsored by Masimo.

Weinmann Medical Technology (Germany) was a major sponsor and will soon bring multiple products to the„U.S. market. They will be sponsoring the Australian team to the 2008 JEMS Games.