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Merlyn Medical EndoFlex

The ÏnaturalÓ curve in an endotracheal tube (ETT) that comes from the factory can undergo some noticeable changes depending on the practitioner inserting it. A more common shape formed by a malleable stylet is the Ïhockey stick.Ó The EndoFlex endotracheal tube from Merlyn Medical has a ÏmagicÓ tip that allows the user to change the angle of the distal portion of the tubeÜÜ without switching tubes or inserting a stylet. OK, itÌs not really magic, but the ability to change the distal tip of an ETT by adjusting a nylon slide is pretty cool. Although this isnÌt the first ETT that adjusts by using a trigger, the EndoFlex adjusts only the distal 4 cm, not the entire tube.Ü

Cost: $1.95
Sizes: 4.0Ò9.0Ü
Cuff Types: Low Pressure, Tapered & Rounded

Fran Hildwine, BS, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, coordinates the monthly Hands On column in JEMS. HeÌs the administrative director of the Paramedic Training Institute at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Delaware County, Pa., and an adjunct faculty member at Delaware County Community College with more than 19 yearsÌ EMS experience. Contact him atÜ[email protected].