Airway & Respiratory

Zico D Cylinder Oxygen Bracket

If you’ve seen any modern U.S. fire apparatus, there’s a good chance you’ve also seen„Ziamatic Corp. products in action. Mounting brackets used for rescue tools and air packs are among their specialty designs. They’ve also devised a way to secure oxygen cylinders in your ambulance. The new QR-D-1„Zico ˙DÓ Cylinder Oxygen Bracket is designed to secure a standard ˙DÓ size oxygen cylinder. The cylinder sits in the stainless steel bracket and is held in place by a nylon strap with locking buckle. Note: The QR-D-1 bracket does„not fit a ˙Jumbo DÓ cylinder.


Cost: $163

Weight: 4.25 lbs.

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