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Philips NightGuide Headlamps

One of the factors critical to avoiding being part of a motor-vehicle crash is quick reaction time. A few milliseconds can be the difference between a near-miss and a tragic collision. The newÜNightGuide Headlamps fromÜPhilips offer a unique illumination system that may quicken your reaction time by enhancing your vision. Using special technology that projects specific colors of light, NightGuide creates three distinct visual zones for the driver. In the center zone, NightGuide provides a brilliant white light, with a beam up to 50 feet longer than standard halogens, to improve the driver’s range of vision and reaction time. In the right zone, blue light provides increased readability of road signs and markers, and in the left zone, a warmer yellow light reduces glare for oncoming cars and helps improve driver concentration on the center zone.Ü


Cost: $39.95ÜÜ