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Wantynu Wrenches

The brainchild of New York City paramedic Joshua Knapp (who works in the northern section of Manhattan and the Bronx with New York Presbyterian Hospital), the multi-function Tactical Oxygen Wrench is a compact, strong and durable replacement for those old, clunky silver wrenches that have been around forever. It gets the name ÏTacticalÓ because it can be used in so many situations and from so many angles.

These lightweight wrenches from Wantnyu are made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and offer three tank valve slots positioned at different angles, enabling the user to work in tighter spaces (e.g., inside an oxygen bag). The wrench also offers a diagonal, rounded slot that allows you to easily loosen an over-tightened regulator thumb screw, using more surface area to prevent bending the thumb screw bar.

But the best design feature of the Tactical Oxygen Wrench is that its primary turning surface is positioned 90_ to the handle so the user pushes on the flat of the handle instead of the side (like other wrenches). This allows for more hand-surface contact to the wrench and provides the user with a more secure, comfortable grip and greater leverage with less pressure.


Style: TK1 Size: 3 3/4″ L x 5/8″ W x 3/4″ H

Style: TK2 Size: 3 1/8″ L x 5/8″ W x 3/4″ H

Colors: 5 (see photo)

Cost: $10

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