Getting to the eCore of data success

Net Scheduler Pro helps you select the appropriate personnel for each open shift and stay within budget.

Are you frustrated by the amount of time and manpower you commit to scheduling, verifying current certifications and processing payroll? Do scheduling errors force unnecessary overtime and cost your organization money? Do you find it challenging to efficiently manage your medical supply inventory and restock units? Would you like a patient reporting system that’s compliant with both HIPAA and NHTSA’s EMS Uniform Prehospital Dataset 2.0 without spending a fortune on a lot of hardware and software and in hiring, or contracting with, a data guru to maintain your system?

If you answered “Yes” to even one these questions, check out the programs and service options offered by eCore Software Solutions Inc. The company offers Web-based management and scheduling software solutions that combine several critical tasks in one accessible tool. eCore helps you minimize capital outlay with flexible leasing options and eliminates the need to hire or contract for IT server maintenance, because the software applications are Web-based and managed at the eCore offices.

Schedule like a pro
Net Scheduler Pro, a Web-based management tool, combines scheduling, timekeeping, attendance and payroll in a single package. The software ensures that schedule and payroll information is always up-to-date and accurate and gives you the ability to quickly generate and distribute schedules and receive employee feedback. The automated scheduling feature helps eliminate unnecessary administrative time and crew overtime costs via online timekeeping and discrepancy reporting. The reporting feature provides essential views of every aspect of your Net Scheduler Pro database. We discuss these features in more detail below.

The automated schedule feature automatically creates and fills the schedule with qualified employees that have up-to-date certifications. The schedule is adjusted for approved vacation requests, and appropriate payroll information is automatically inserted. You can publish the schedule on the Web, where employees can view it.

The open-shift manager shows qualified employees who are available to work, and the employee list can be sorted by scheduled hours, pay rate, seniority or full-time/part-time status to minimize overtime.

The payroll management feature automatically checks for payroll/schedule errors. Formatted payroll import files (ADP and Paychex) are then generated directly from the schedule and sent to the payroll department via e-mail forwarding. You can create nonhourly, flat payments for event scheduling, automatically update vacation and sick banks and manage holiday pay for user-defined employee classes.

The timekeeping and attendance tools let employees punch in and out in various ways: You can configure public kiosks, establish a central location for clocking in/out or import timesheets from Kronos systems and other sources. It will automatically notify supervisors if an employee is late for a shift and checks for discrepancies between the punch-in/out time and the published schedule. ePro BioClocks provide biometric fingerprint scanning for punching in and out.

A special message center feature allows the scheduler to view messages sent from users in the field, mark messages as registered, send attachments and send text pages to employees with supported pagers. It also offers a Web-based message board for company-wide communications.

Via the system, employees can view their own profile, request vacation and leave without pay, check the current schedule and submit their shift availability.

Managers can easily create, update and delete employee profiles, consolidate employee information in one database and manage individual unit profiles by station, vehicle, shift, etc. The program features flexible menu and reporting options and configurable pull-down menu lists. Selected reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Access, allowing managers to use powerful tools to further manage the data.

Manageable solutions
Net Manager Pro is a comprehensive set of management tools built into one Web-accessible software package. Here’s a sampling:

Incident report manager (NHTSA 2.1 and NFIRS 5.1) — offers integrated patient care reporting and fire incident reporting. The computer-aided dispatch module provides secure import of dispatch data from remote locations for quick, accurate, hassle-free reporting.

Inventory manager — offers you all the tools you need to track supplies: add, edit and view inventory; request items directly from central supply; create new purchase orders, and edit existing ones; and monitor the status of inventory requests and purchase orders.

You can query your medical supply inventory with the click of your mouse and then request new supplies with one easy-to-follow Web form. System reports indicate what supplies were ordered last month and the status of a particular purchase order. Because Net Manager Pro is Web-based, a supervisor with Web access can easily query your current inventory directly from the scene of a mass casualty incident.

Integrated calendar — provides complete management of single and recurring events with categories defined by the user. Events can be linked to employee, station and apparatus profiles. The query tool provides a complete picture of the master calendar and events indexed to an employee, station and/or apparatus.

Document manager — allows uploaded documents to be sorted by user-defined categories. Revisions are maintained separately, so you’ll never overwrite an important document. Documents can be linked to employee, station and apparatus profiles.

Fleet maintenance — provides for employee reporting of apparatus problems and the scheduling of maintenance by fleet managers. Mileage alerts notify the fleet manager to assist in preventive maintenance.

Training & continuing education — provides the management of employee course work, qualifications and certifications. You can upload course content and create multiple-choice tests so employees can download material and take tests online.

Record manager — provides complete management of employee, apparatus and station records. View an employee’s profile, qualifications, certifications, calendar events and assigned documents on a single panel. Also view the calendar events, inventory and assigned documents for a station or apparatus on a single panel. It’s all secure and easily accessible via the Web.

Technology & pricing
As an ASP (application service provider), eCore can deliver enterprise services without the enterprise price. The flexible monthly pricing is based on the number of active employees in the database. Any operation of any size can afford Net Scheduler Pro and Net Manager Pro. Check out these benefits offered by the ASP model:

  • Pay for what you use;
  • Free software upgrades are available for download;
  • Pay no annual software maintenance fees;
  • Pay no in-house IT costs for server maintenance;
  • Eliminate capital expenditures for hardware and software;
  • Access it on the Internet 24/7; and
  • Use fast-track training for immediate improvements.„„

For more information, contact eCore Software Solutions at 214/866-6996 or via e-mail at„[email protected], or visit„