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Southern Utah Paramedics Prepare to Strike

Gold Cross Ambulance employees expected to vote on job action.


Baltimore City Paramedic Laid to Rest

23-year old medic collapsed inside his firehouse last week.

Southern Utah Paramedics Prepare to Strike

Gold Cross Ambulance employees expected to vote on job action.

Dallas Firefighter in Trouble for Facebook, Delay Treatment Post

Comment on shared post of San Diego medics being attacked leads to an investigation

JEMS Talk: Inside the Boston EMS System

Join JEMS Editor-in-Chief, A.J. Heightman and guest Boston EMS Chief James Hooley as they discuss the Boston EMS system.

Video Released of Stabbing of San Diego Firefighters

Violent encounter occurred during an EMS call.

Bystanders and Tampa Firefighters Use CPR to Save Drowning Dog

Engine 17 crew provided oxygen while bystander did compressions.

EMS Simulation at California Training Center

View the system with Healthy Simulation in Apple Valley.

Denver Airport Medics Have New Way to Travel

Three-wheeled Segway helps medics cover Denver International Airport.

PROuD Project Seeks to Improve Medical Helicopter Safety

European project looks at improving safety in EMS.

Austin-Travis County EMS: Crews Are Overworked

Department faces many challenges including fatigue.

Los Angeles County Pulls Compton’s Defibrillators

Response to a paperwork problem causes abrupt changes in Compton.

A Great Training Minute: Tension Pneumothorax and Needle Thoracostomy

A GREAT TRAINING MINUTE - From A.J. Heightman, JEMS Editor-in-Chief & Fran Hildwine / JEMS Contributor.

Ambulance, Firefighter Struck by Gunfire in Milwaukee

Firefighter wounded and Curtis Universal Ambulance damaged.

Flight for Life Crewmember in Critical Condition

NTSB provides early details on fatal Colorado crash.

Pilot Killed in Medical Helicopter Crash in Colorado

Flight-for-Life pilot was a decorated Vietnam War veteran.

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