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    For over 20 years, AllMed® has been serving the EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Nursing industries. We are a full-line distributor of the products you need at prices that are extremely competitive.

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    BioPlastics Co. (Biosafe®)

    Biosafe® patient restraints are the only EMS restraint cleanable up to 99% with simple bleach and water.

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    Skedco Inc.

    Skedco manufactures and markets state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Sked Stretcher, Oregon Spine Splint, Half Sked, and more.


  • AllMed
  • BioPlastics Co. (Biosafe®)
  • Emergency Products + Research
  • Garde Systems LLC
  • Hiatt-Thompson Corp.
  • Humane Restraint Co. Inc.
  • Primacare Medical Supplies Inc.
  • Safe Scene Inc.
  • SafeGuard (a brand of IMMI)
  • Skedco Inc.


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