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The Path to Grant Success

Need new equipment or apparatus, but don't have enough in your budget to cover the costs? This exclusive supplement to JEMS is your how-to guide on applying for grant funding. This supplement is sponsored by Masimo Corp.


State of the Science 2010

This supplement – the 4th of its kind in JEMS – describes the latest in EMS care, as presented at the annual meeting of the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors (aka, the Eagles). This supplement is sponsored by Michigan Instruments Inc., Philips Healthcare, and Physio-Control Inc.


Driving the Course of Care

This supplement, sponsored by Philips Healthcare, was developed to give you a look into some of the many ways EMS is leading the pack in offering advanced monitoring and medical care in the field and driving additional advancements to receiving emergency departments.


The Truth about CPR

This supplement, sponsored by Physio-Control Inc., was developed to help you understand what factors contribute to “quality” CPR and how mechanical chest-compression devices can help you get to and maintain this goal.

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Improving Survival from Cardiac Arrest Using ACD-CPR + ITD

Using active compression-decompression CPR with an ITD has been shown to improve 1-year survival from cardiac arrest by 33%.
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