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EMS State of the Science 2012

Important advances in prehospital cardiac care & resuscitation

EMS State of the Science is an editorial supplement, developed in cooperation with the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium and our sponsors, that features articles that address key resuscitation issues.It is sponsored by Advanced Circulatory Systems Inc.; American Heart Association; Laerdal Medical; Medtronic Foundation, Physio-Control, Inc.; Vidacare Corporation; and ZOLL Medical Corporation and published by Elsevier Public Safety.


This EMS State of the Science supplement features articles that address key resuscitation issues.

Trends & Changes in Cardiac Care

New recommendations and studies are showing areas where EMS can make a major impact on its ability to improve resuscitation outcomes.

Study Determines Optimal Chest Compression Rate

EMS providers have long been told to “push hard, push fast.” But how fast? Dr. Ahamed Idris details a study that attempted to find the ideal rate for chest compressions.

The Merits of Mechanical CPR

Mechanical CPR devices hold promise for providing greater compression consistency and possibly better resuscitation outcomes.

Q&A with HeartRescue Project Manager Joan Mellor

HeartRescue Project partners plan to develop and expand SCA response systems by coordinating measurement, education, training and the application of evidence-based best practices.

Depth Perception

Research is proving that CPR compression depth is just as important as rates. Some devices that provide feedback about compression depth are inaccurate during certain conditions. A new technology from Physio-Control could alleviate this problem.

Web Bonus: Study Proves IO Infusion Is Effective in Therapeutic Hypothermia

Intraosseous vascular access has been proven to reduce core body temperature.

Web Bonus: Saving Lives in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has joined with five other states and AMR to improve SCA survival rates.

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