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Paramedics with Austrian Red Cross own the largest EMS toy collection in the world.

Inside the World's Largest Collection of Toy Ambulances

November 20, 2015

The world record holders for largest toy ambulance collection serve with Austria's largest EMS provider.

EMS Motorcycles, Cot Lifts and Historic Ambulances at Interschutz 2015

June 19, 2015

Total six-day attendance was around 157,000 visitors.

Bariatric and Military-Style Ambulances on Display at Interschutz 2015

June 16, 2015

A look at two specialized ambulances on display at the world’s largest fire, rescue and EMS exposition held in Hanover, Germany.

Unique and Specialized Ambulances on Display at Interschutz 2015

June 15, 2015

Specially configured ambulances for transporting patients with infectious diseases are showcased.

European MCI Vehicles on Display at Interschutz 2015 - Part 2

June 13, 2015

A look at some unique new vehicles to support MCI response that were on display at Interschutz 2015 in Hanover, Germany.

European MCI Vehicles on Display at Interschutz 2015 - Part 1

June 12, 2015

Platform-on-demand systems allow for quick deployment of specialized equipment.

European MCI Response

June 11, 2015

Communications vehicle and triage technology on display at Interschutz 2015 in Hanover, Germany.

World’s Largest Fire, Rescue and EMS Exhibition Opens in Hannover, Germany

June 10, 2015

Day 1 of our exclusive coverage of highlights from Interschutz 2015.

Littleton (Colo.) Fire Rescue Rolls Out Their Take on Mobile Integrated Healthcare

May 4, 2015

Firefighters and paramedics staff special vehicles to deliver unique care fast.

Healthcare providers should understand how data collection improves patient care.

Preparing the EMS Workforce for a Data-Centric Future

May 1, 2015

Healthcare providers should understand how data collection improves patient care.

How the Nation's First ALS Response Vehicle is Being Restored

April 6, 2015

The Heartmobile was lost to time until a few ambitious volunteers found it.

Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service is the World's Largest Aeromedical Response Service

April 6, 2015

Providing effective aeromedical retrieval across 2.76 million square miles.

Rule Change in California May Change Ambulance Business

February 28, 2015

A decades-old rule that kept all but one ambulance company from doing business in Riverside may be changed to what officials say is a fairer system. With five companies now allowed to run non-emergency ambulance calls in the city, the impact ...

Ron Thackery Discusses Ambulance Specifications at EMS Today 2015

February 27, 2015

Ron Thackery is a senior vice president of professional services and integration at American Medical Response. He's responsible for safety, risk management and fleet administration as well as the integration of acquired companies into the orga...

Buried in Boston

January 31, 2015

A Boston EMS Ambulance reserve unit is buried under 95 inches of snow that accumulated in the vehicle storage facility parking lot in Boston over the past few days.   Despite all the snow and ice on the roads, Boston’s medium duty ...

Competing Ambulance Safety Standards Await State Adoption

January 26, 2015

How long can the government ignore new vehicle safety standards?

Maryland State Police Aviation Command Continues Perfecting HEMS Fleet

January 26, 2015

Updates to old helicopters provide new opportunities to improve patient care.

Shoals Ambulance to Respond to 9-1-1 Calls in Bessemer

January 26, 2015

The City of Bessemer Fire Department has two new ambulance companies located in The City of Bessemer that will begin responding to emergency 9-1-1 calls within the city limits, including Bessemer-based Shoals Ambulance. Beginning this week, Shoal...

P.L. Custom Body and Equipment Co., Inc. Announce Deborah Smock Thomson as President

January 13, 2015

Jean S. Smock, CEO and owner of P.L. Custom Body and Equipment Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Deborah Smock Thomson to president of the corporation, effective January 1, 2015. Thomson joined the company in 1978 and learned the ...

South Dakota Mobile Simulation Program Brings Training to Rural Providers

January 9, 2015

If you can’t get to training, let it come to you.

Loudon County Commission Approves Contract with Priority Ambulance

January 8, 2015

Loudon County Commission unanimously approved a contract with Priority Ambulance for exclusive emergency and nonemergency service to the county at the commission’s regular meeting Monday. The contract goes into effect immediately with Priori...

How Safe is your Medical Transportation in the Event of an Emergency?

December 18, 2014

As we move into December and into the thick of the holiday season, we also enter a danger zone for accidents. AAA estimates that during this Christmas and New Year's season, nearly 95 million Americans will hit the road, traveling long distanc...

Loudon County Commission Recommends Priority Ambulance

December 16, 2014

In a specially called meeting Monday, Loudon County Commission unanimously recommended Priority Ambulance as the exclusive emergency and nonemergency ambulance services provider to Loudon County pending contract approval.

Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

December 2, 2014

Learn why sustainability matters.

AMBARA Announces End of Year Specials

December 2, 2014

Attention A/R Account Managers, AMBARA is now offering an end of the year special. Sign up now for a 12-month membership subscription to our benchmarking service for only $100 (vs $180 regular price). Simply use promotion code "Dec14" at...

City of Aurora Reveals Intention to Submit Request for Ambulance Transport Service Proposals

November 26, 2014

This Pre-Invitation Notice is being issued for the purpose of advising potential qualified ambulance transport services providers of the City of Aurora’s requirement for ambulance transport services within the boundaries of the City.

AMBARA Announces New Linkedin Group for EMS Financial Account Professionals

November 24, 2014

Sponsored by AMBARA, the Ambulance/EMS A/R & Revenue Cycle Management Discussion Group has recently been established on LinkedIn. 

Fame EMS Recognizes the Importance of MCI Vehicles

October 6, 2014

In the past, having a dedicated rehab or mass casualty incident (MCI) unit was a luxury for most emergency services. Providing BLS and ALS services took most of an agency’s resources. But times have changed, and even though budgets haven&rsq...

FDNY’s EMS Boats Bring State-of-the-Art Care to Patients on the Water

October 3, 2014

On Sunday, Aug. 3rd, a triathlete was on his way to completing the New York City Triathlon when he suddenly began suffering a heart attack during the 1,500-meter swim in the Hudson River around 8 a.m. A lifeguard and rescue swimmer noticed the tr...

Understanding When to Request a Helicopter for Your Patient

October 3, 2014

“If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.”
— Igor Sikorsky, 1947

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