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November 2012

2012 JEMS Buyer's Guide

Advice and tips to help you make your next purchase the correct purchase.

How to Spec a Prehospital Monitor/Defibrillator

Doing your research can make the cardiac monitor speccing process easier.

Rick Rod, RN, CEN, NREMT-P

Know What to Look for before Buying a Rig

Follow these top 10 tips when spec-ing a vehicle for your agency.

Wayne M. Zygowicz, BA, EMT-P

Understanding Ventilation Vs. Oxygenation is Key in Airway Management

Information from monitors and astute clinical assessment is key to successful airway management.

Samuel M. Galvagno Jr., DO, Maj, USAFR, MC, FS


Photo courtesy Littleton Fire Rescue

Functional ePCRs Should Be Convenient, Reliable & Easy to Use

Your electronic patient care reporting system needs to do everything from capture patient signatures to wirelessly connect to the main server.

Wayne M. Zygowicz, BA, EMT-P


Photo Michael Coppolla

Punctuate Your Performance With Great Patient Packaging

The right equipment and know-how can make a transport less scary for patients.

Thom Dick


Photo Rick McClure

10 Tips to Help Gear Up for MCIs

The proper tools and preparation are essential for successful MCI management.

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P


Photo Chris Swabb

How to Choose the Right Gear

Tips for maintaining a professional image to patients and the public.

Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I


Image courtesy Thom Dick

All Vehicles Are Not Created Equal

It's important to be the resident expert on your agency's equipment.

Thom Dick


Photo istockphoto.com

Winter Driving Tips

It's important to know your vehicle's capabilities before you drive in harsh weather conditions.

JP Molnar, M.Ed.

From the Editor

Illustration Paul Combs

Don’t Make Your Equipment Cry Out for Attention

Taking good care of your supplies means better patient care.

A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P

EMS in Action

Fort Worth (Texas) EMS Crew Transfers Burn Patient

Crew prepares man for air medical transport to hospital.

Priority Traffic

EMS Responders Trained to Spot Victims of Human Trafficking

Training is part of broad outreach by the Department of Homeland Security to eradicate human trafficking.

Richard Huff, NREMT-B

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Pro Bono: After-Market Product Modifications

Do so-called "after-market modifications" to devices and vehicles raise legal issues?

Douglas Wolfberg JD, EMT | Steve Wirth, Esq., EMT-P

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REMSA awarded $9.9 million Health Care Innovation Award

Grant to help create a new program to specifically respond to lower acuity and chronic disease conditions.

Michael J. Ward, BS, MGA, MIFireE, NREMT

Priority Traffic

Federal Bill Proposed to Support Returning Veterans with Combat EMS Experience

Bill would make it easier for states to expedite certification as civilian EMTs.

Richard Huff, NREMT-B

Hands On

Hands On November 2012

Check out the latest products and innovations in JEMS.

Dominic Silvestro, EMT-P, EMS-I

Lighter Side

Limitations of Patient Pain Assessment

EMS providers must rely on their gut in addition to patients’ self-reported pain.

Steve Berry

Tricks of the Trade

Photo Kevin Link

Maintain an Open Mind When Providing Care

Learning to sense “what is”—rather than make assumptions—can make you a better provider.

Thom Dick

Leadership Sector

Photo Kevin Link

How to Tell if You Have a Sociopath in Your Workplace

Gary Ludwig shares some tips on how to identify and handle a backstabber in your workplace.

Gary Ludwig, MS, EMT-P

Research Review

Photo David Page

Studies Measure Latest Cardiac Arrest Data

Research studies measure latest cardiac arrest data.

David Page, MS, NREMT-P

Last Word

Photo ZOLL Medical Corp.

Polish Taxi Service Equips Drivers with AEDs

Polish Taxi Service Equips Drivers with AEDs.

Case of the Month

Photo A.J. Heightman

Geriatric Patient Develops Sepsis

EMS care can affect the sepsis patient’s outcome.

Dennis Edgerly, EMT-P

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