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Hundreds Rescued from Floodwaters in South Carolina

Rainstorm caused flash floods and damage in Columbia and other cities.

Amtrak Train Derails in Vermont

Passenger train bound for Washington, D.C. derails in Northfield.

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Working as a Magnet

Steve Berry We call them magnets because they’re pre-destined to be dispatched to calls of an undesirable nat...

Help Clinicians Take Control of the Self-Directed Le...

Mark E.A. Escott, MD, MPH, FACEP The ultimate step in being a true clinician is understanding what literature to read and how to a...

Hands On Product Reviews October 2015

Dominic Silvestro, EMT P, EMS I

Check out the latest products reviewed in JEMS.

Study Readjusts Blood Pressure Requirements for Tria...

Keith Wesley, MD, FACEP The signs and symptoms of shock are often blunted in the geriatric patient because of the effect ...

Study Questions If Behavioral Health Calls Are a Bur...

David Page, MS, NRP Qualitative study observes and interviews urban EMS providers to discover their attitudes on resp...


Florida Firefighter and Medic Killed in Off-Duty Crash

Two first responders killed in fiery Orange County crash.

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Building Explosion Florida

Explosion at Florida High-Rise

Two firefighters also injured during blast atop 33-story building.


The Effect Mechanical Ventilators Have on Patient Care and Outcomes in the Prehospital Setting.

The Mesa Fire and Medical Department implemented a prehospital ventilator program in August of 20...

Becoming a Data-Powered EMS Organization

You’ve got the patient data, but how do you use it to improve patient care and the effectiveness ...

Successfully Doing More with Less: Supply and Logistics Best Practices

Learn best practices associated with managing supply and logistical issues for a variety of EMS s...


Top 5 Reasons Paramedics need an In-Vehicle Gateway

Technology in the ambulance is advancing every day.  EKGs and patient care records, dispatch...


Scope of Practice, Training & Tips for Conducting Effective Mobile Integrated Healthcare Programs

Each of the contributors to this supplement are recognized leaders in the EMS mobile integrated healthcare and community paramedicine (MIH-CP) field. This supplement covers scope of practice concerns, explores education and training needs, partnerships with home health and hospice, and other important things to consider when devloping a MIH-CP program.



Resource Bridge

Be Prepared with Resource Bridge™ - Emergency management & alert notification - Resource and bed allocation - Hospital diversion status & reporting - Patient Tracking



EMS Service Bridge

Accelerate beyond data collection with EMS Service Bridge™ from ImageTrend. Service Bridge aggregates EMS data and provides new insights. Extend your automation and time savings with customizable run forms available through EMS Field Bridge™ or Field Bridge Xpress™ for field-based documentation, or integrations with CAD and billing solutions.



EMS Field Bridge

ImageTrend EMS Field Bridge™ is a pre-hospital patient care data collection and reporting application that is NEMSIS2 Gold compliant. Designed for speed and accuracy, EMS Field Bridge, with thousands of units in the field, assists medics in quickly generating complete, real-time electronic patient care reports in a mobile environment.



Billing Bridge™

Designed specifically for ambulance billing , built from the ground up with automation and improved workflows in mind. ImageTrend makes it quicker and easier to process collected data and submit claims for payment. Billing Bridge gives you invoicing, account management and reconciliation with reporting in one enterprise solution.



Health Information Hub™ (The Hub™)

ImageTrend Health Information Hub (The Hub) is the connection of multiple health data sources, such as EMS, hospitals, critical care transport and billing entities, brought together by ImageTrend’s robust network of products and services. We work with your community to create the right solution - your solution.


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JEMS Talk: Prehospital Airway Suctioning

Join JEMS Editor-in-Chief, A.J. Heightman and guests Ryan Gerecht, MD, CMTE and Criss Brainard EMT-P as they discuss Prehospital Airway Suctioning.

Learn about the various devices available to effectively suction the airway. Understand the critical importance of preventing airway aspiration. Recognize some of the new techniques in airway suctioning. Read more about this topic in JEMS August article Overview of Prehospital Airway Suctioning

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