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    Reeves EMS (DHS Systems LLC)

    DHS Systems is a quality provider of Reeves EMS brand high quality emergency medical products and accessories, including decontamination shelters, stretchers and gear bags.

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    Sprint Nextel

    Transmit patient vitals with Sprint wireless technology.


  • 308 Systems Inc.
  • AHCEN (Automated Head Count Emergency Notification)
  • Communications-Applied Technology
  • Comtronix Corp.
  • CTI Inc.
  • Datatech911
  • EFJohnson Technologies
  • EMSystem
  • FATPOT Technologies
  • Firecom
  • Inmarsat
  • Moducom (Modular Communications)
  • Raytheon JPS Communications
  • Reeves EMS (DHS Systems LLC)
  • Sprint Nextel


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