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    ACS FIREHOUSE Software

    When saving time saves lives, count on FH Mobile EMS to put information at your finger tips.


  • ACS FIREHOUSE Software
  • American Trade Mark Co.
  • AVL Solutions by Quality MobileCommunications LLC
  • Avondale Badge Co.
  • D.E. Williams Shields
  • Exit Technologies
  • Fire-Rescue Products International
  • Fujitsu Ten Corp. of America Inc.
  • Kaba Mas Corp.
  • Knox Co.
  • Med Dispense LLC
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • Ninth Brain
  • Salamander Technologies
  • Tactron Inc.
  • U Cap It
  • Videx CyberLock Solutions

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    Improving Survival from Cardiac Arrest Using ACD-CPR + ITD

    Using active compression-decompression CPR with an ITD has been shown to improve 1-year survival from cardiac arrest by 33%.
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