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Medrills 3D Training Courses Now Available on the CentreLearn Training System

Shrewsbury, Pa—CentreLearn Solutions, known for its LearnEMS and LearnFIRE course,has added Medrills courses to its catalog.

“We are excited to welcome ArchieMD as a content partner. Twenty-nine ArchieMD Medrills courses for EMTs and paramedics deliver high-quality and interactive training,” said Greg Friese, Director of Education and Communication of CentreLearn.

Robert Levine, M.D., President and Chief Medical Officer of ArchieMD said, "Our courses represent the future of online training by combining 3D interactive animations, skills practice, and competency testing. Partnering with CentreLearn makes it easy for departments of all sizes to assign our award winning courses to their EMTs and paramedics." Available as an add-on to the CentreLearn Training System, the Medrills courses feature high-quality graphics and gaming technology to provide an inquiry-based, immersive learning environment.

The goal of Medrills is to increase the knowledge of medical personnel, enable effective distribution of training materials, reduce training costs, and to improve recertification rates. Medrills, partnered with CentreLearn’s online training, tracking, and reporting technology, are effective and affordable.

“Medrills represents an incredible value for our customers. They are able to receive unlimited access to all of the Medrills courses for a low fee versus purchasing them separately from an app store,” said Jason Paluck, CEO of CentreLearn.

Medrills are CECBEMS accredited and a certificate is issued after completion of the instruction mode, training mode, and testing mode. The applications are easy to use and engaging, making them much more comprehensive, interactive, and efficient than traditional classroom or web/video-based instruction. For more details about adding Medrills courses to the CentreLearn Training System, contact CentreLearn.

About ArchieMD and Medrills

ArchieMD is a physician-led company that creates innovative health and science education products for a broad spectrum of students, consumers, and professionals. By integrating state-of-the-art computer graphics within interactive learning platforms, they simplify concepts with visual explanations and utilize unique tools to engage learners. Their content includes an expansive body of work consisting of life sciences, human anatomy, physiology and the onset, diagnosis, and treatment of most major medical conditions.

Medrills, presented by ArchieMD, is a series of mobile-based applications and online courses that utilize 3D visualizations and interactives to teach emergency medical concepts and skills. Their apps focus on Paramedic and EMT tasks and skills, and have been created and revised to follow NREMT guidelines in order to be accredited by CECBEMS. For more information about ArchieMD and Medrills, visit ArchieMD.com.

About CentreLearn Solutions

The CentreLearn Training System is the fastest and easiest way to start your online training program. As pioneers in online education, CentreLearn has changed the way more than 250,000 emergency service personnel learn over the Internet and maintain their professional training and certification. The team of in-house instructional designers, educators, and technical experts has partnered with EMS, fire service, public health organizations, and more to make online education, course building, tracking, and reporting easier than ever. CentreLearn provides high-quality, accredited multimedia training programs that save money and time for fire departments, emergency services organizations, state health departments, and their personnel. CentreLearn’s Customer Support Team works closely with clients every step of the way to ensure they succeed with online training. For more information about CentreLearn Solutions, or to schedule a demo, visit CentreLearn.com.


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