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SafetyPAD Partners with Medical Device Company Vivid Medical

Minneapolis – OPEN Incorporated, makers of the SafetyPAD suite of technology products for Emergency Medical Services, today announced its sales partnership with Vivid Medical, a medical device technology company.

SafetyPAD's seamless integration to Vivid Medical's VividTrac single-use video laryngoscope, which supports proper and speedy placement of the endotracheal intubation (ET) tube, allows not only VividTrac to utilize the large format SafetyPAD hardware screen for high quality real-time video during the ET tube placement, but also to have a permanent record of the intubation process stored in the ePCR system.

"This partnership with Vivid Medical made sense considering its superior technology and video quality,"said Scott Streicher, Chief Operating Officer for SafetyPAD. "The ability to capture the video and photographic data from the VividTrac device allows providers to include definitive proof of proper tube placement as part of their electronic patient care report."

SafetyPAD will have a seamless interface to VividTrac which will easily transfer data to patient medical records or for use in education and training. VividTrac provides an unmatched image quality to support proper and speedy placement of the ET tube, and allows concurrent chest compression and suction during intubation, which all leads to a higher intubation success rate in the first attempt. VividTrac has an integrated ET tube channel that provides easy means for the preloaded ET tube to advance into the oral cavity and trachea, while providing continuous visualization, and without the need of a separate stylet.

"Our goal is to help make intubation, this critical and lifesaving procedure, as safe as possible, and for the right tools to be readily available to all EMS providers. This integration provides what is truly needed in emergency situations, a complete digital record of a successful intubation process."Mina Farr, CEO, Vivid Medical.

SafetyPAD will also be an authorized reseller for Vivid Medical. They will conduct product sales demos, assist the company at local industry sales and training events, providing customer services as needed.

Open Incorporated

Founded in 1993, OPEN Incorporated is a leader in electronic patient care reporting that develops software products for the Fire & EMS industry, enhancing their abilities to serve the public. With more than 17 years of developing highly successful electronic EMS informatics solutions, the company's SafetyPAD software and related technologies have been successfully deployed at numerous high performance Fire and EMS services, including six of the top twenty highest run volumes in U.S. cities.

Investors can contact investors@safetypad.com for more details. More information can be found at www.safetypad.com

Vivid Medical, Inc.

Vivid Medical is a medical device technology company that develops low cost, yet very high quality open system medical vision devices that are compatible with today's digital environment and standards. Founded in 2007, Vivid Medical is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB, SBA 8(m)), operating out of Palo Alto, CA. The company's VividTrac video laryngoscope which comes in both an adult and pediatric model has won the JEMS Hot Product of the Year for both 2013 and 2014, and the EMS World Top Innovator Award for 2013. Vivid Medical recycles all its single use devices, adhering to its GREEN operating policy. More information can be found at www.VividMed.com.


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