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MedeStat Introduces LifeGuard — World's First Disaster-Resistant Medical Alert Solution


Cypress, TX – In a medical emergency it's essential to reach a diagnosis as quickly as possible to pave the way for rapid and effective treatment. The LifeGuard array of medical alert products addresses this issue, employing quick response (QR) technology to provide emergency responders with instant access to the patient’s medical history via smartphone. It's the only product of its type that has the capability for both Internet and offline QR access in a disaster situation.

Time can make the difference between life or death. The first responder or medical professional needs immediate access to the patient’s current medical history, including health conditions, medications and allergies. But it's highly impractical for people to carry their medical histories with them in hardcopy form, plus verbal communication is impossible when the patient is unconscious or in an impaired mental state.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, MedeStat’s LifeGuard products are designed to work simply yet effectively, anytime, anywhere. “The peace of mind that LifeGuard can bring is priceless, using something as simple and as readily available as a smartphone,” says Medestat President and CEO Brian P. Vickers. “Our goal was to create a highly affordable system that had universal availability going beyond typical QR codes that require Internet access.” He added, “We spent more than three years developing technology that would provide the most flexible, workable, and glitch-proof system possible. We believe this is such an important issue that anyone can use our solution to create their Basic Medical History QR codes for free.”

The array of LifeGuard products include wearables such as medallions and dog tags, as well as QR labels that adhere directly to driver’s license, I.D or insurance card, and a travel wallet that holds a QR information card. In addition, the LifeGuard Pocket and LifeGuard Protector take the important concept established by the Vial of LifeTM to the next level for in-home use. Key features and functions of the LifeGuard system include weather-resistant products, weatherproof QR labels that adhere to any surface, instant notification to emergency contacts, and the ability to function globally without reliance on Internet connections.

“This was a critical requirement of our solution because during disasters there may be no Internet access via any means,” says Vickers. “In addition medical emergencies happen in places where there are no reliable Internet connections such as in aircraft, in certain steel or concrete buildings, on oil rigs, or when service is down during man-made or natural disasters. During last year’s Boston Marathon bombing, law enforcement took down all cell services to avoid triggering another device. Our solution would have worked seamlessly through that event to help in patient treatment where others wouldn’t have worked at all.”

To subscribe to the LifeGuard system visit the Medestat website at www.medestat.com. Creating a profile is simple and straightforward, and is easy to access and update when needed. Immediately after creating their account, LifeGuard customers can print out their Basic Medical History to carry with them until their ordered products arrive.

Based in Cypress, Texas, MedeStat has also developed Pillbacker, a solution specifically designed to help patients both organize medications and accurately maintain dosage schedules. Pillbacker consists of two parts: a compact tablet/capsule organizer case that fits most popular smartphone models, and a medication reminder app specifically tailored to the Pillbacker compartments. Pillbacker has individualized and numbered compartments to allow for easy identification of medications. The alarm settings on the app reduce the chances of missing a dose or taking the wrong medication. Each alarm setting is coordinated with a compartment number so there is no confusion about what to take, and when.



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