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Emergency Contact Data Rolls Out with 20% Discount for EMS Providers


Emergency Contact Data originated as the owner of the business prepared to go on his vacations. Prior to each vacation he would create a letter outlining his current medical situation, emergency contacts and a brief medical history of the most important information. Then he would make copies for his traveling companions to have in case something happened to him. It dawned on him that few people carry such information and when real emergencies occur, “the information we don’t have is exactly the immediate information we need”—the information that could save our lives or drastically improve the outcome of a catastrophic situation. His thinking is what spawned the creation of the ECD website and supporting mobile app that make emergency information immediately available to first responders and support personnel.

ECD is a unique solution, comprehensive yet affordable
For the service to be valuable to both EMT and Member it must be comprehensive—for it to be of value to the greatest number of people, it must be affordable.

Emergency Contact Data is Life-saving information and affordable for everyone
With this thought in mind, Emergency Contact Data was born. A web-based member service, that at only $9.99 per year, is affordable for virtually every man, woman and child. This affordability is a key part of ECD’s mission: To ensure that people’s well-being is not restricted by their incomes, so their life-saving medical information and emergency contacts are always immediately available when needed. For a limited time only, all Fire Fighters, Police Officers and EMTs/Paramedics will receive a 20% discount when they enroll by entering the word “LifeSaver” in the promotion code space when enrolling. The cost after entering the promo code will be &7.99 for the first year. Each firefighter, police officer, EMT and paramedic may give their special promo code to anyone they want, and they in turn will receive the same discount on their first year of enrollment.  ECD is offering this discount to honor the dangerous and life-saving work that these men and women engage in.

Emergency Contact Data provides the EMT and law enforcement first responder quick, easy-access to vital medical data in critical situations
ECD is an easy concept to grasp. Here is an example of how the service works for the EMT and ECD member. A first responder finds an unconscious accident victim and looks for person’s ID. Upon finding his or her ECD Member ID card with photo or keychain tag ID, or seeing the ECD decal on their vehicle, the responder knows the victim has an Emergency Medical Profile. They now have the person’s name and Member ID and can access the member’s medical information in four ways:

Using their mobile tablet, smart phone or laptop the responder can go to the Emergency Profile Login on the ECD website, enter the victim’s Member ID and Name and view the member’s emergency profile.

  1. Or, using their mobile device the first responder can scan the QR code on the member’s ID card or keychain-tag to go directly to the website’s login address and logon to view the member profile.
  2. Or, the first responder can simply check for the free ECD Member App, a profile viewer that can be accessed by clicking the distinctive ECD app icon, which may be located on the first page of the injured party’s SmartPhone or tablet.
  3. Or, the first responder may find a copy of the injured person’s emergency medical profile in the glove box of their vehicle.

In all cases, accessing the person’s emergency medical profile is simple to do and will improve all outcomes, including saving a person’s life.

Precise and Comprehensive—ECD can provide the precise information a First Responder needs in case of an emergency while giving the ECD Member a thorough and comprehensive means to capture and store all of their health information.
The complete ECD Member Profile contains the member’s contact and physical data, emergency contacts, medical and personal item alerts, doctors, medicines, medical conditions, treatments, surgeries, allergies, vaccinations, organ donor status, appointments, health insurance, mental health information, legal forms, and much more. The ECD member can enter content at their own pace – as much or as little information as they like; but the more information, the better, as the information can save the member’s life!

As soon as the member has the information added to his or her profile, it is available to first responders and ER personnel and to the member as well. The profile is available on the ECD website from desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, or via the free ECD mobile app, available on all Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets. The member can also email or print their profile for their doctors or for someone that has the member’s permission to act on their behalf should they become incapacitated.

Comprehensive through Member Connections
ECD connects their members as well. Single-families, extended families and blended families can use the member linking feature to access each other’s information from one place, with one secure login, to more efficiently and effectively manage the well-being of their loved-ones.

The entire family also includes pets. Family members can enroll their dogs and cats so they too have their own emergency contact and medical profiles available for first responders, veterinarians, pet-sitters, and their owners when needed.

Life-saving Enrollment Takes Just Minutes
Emergency Contact Data Sign-up is quick – 8 to 12 minutes – and affordable for everyone, only $9.99 for a one year membership. Each member receives a Welcome Email introducing them to ECD and a Free Welcome Packet enclosed in a bright red ECD envelope that is sent to the member’s mailing address which includes:

  • 1 ECD Welcome Letter
  • 1 Member ID Card (just like your Driver’s License)
  • 3 Key Chain Member ID Tags (For lunch boxes, back packs, etc.)
  • 2 Decals for vehicle windshields
  • 2 Emergency App Stickers

Upon enrollment, access to the member’s Profile Center is immediately available where a member can enter their personal data, contacts and medical profile, and, immediately print a temporary Member ID Card and Tag. An ECD member can also download the free ECD Mobile App from the iTunes AppStore or Google Play. The ECD App is a “profile viewer” where no content entry takes place in the app itself. Profile content is only entered and updated on the ECD website and is then automatically sent to the app where it is stored in the phone. This means that profile content is not dependent upon cell tower connectivity nor immediate web access. In this way, as long as a member’s mobile device will power up, his or her profile is always available to first responders in case of emergency, anywhere in the world.

The Mission of Emergency Contact Data is to provide a simple system, whereby, when a person is unable to communicate on his or her own, or his or her identity is unknown, ECD takes over and provides all the necessary information for them so the best, quality assistance is provided. It may be as simple as a contact person who can direct professionals in the best course of action for their loved one or as extensive as the person’s composite medical records with medications, medical conditions, allergies, X-rays, procedures and alerts. ECD’s objective is to make its service affordable and thus available to as many people as possible, thereby facilitating the well-being of mankind, worldwide.

Enrolling in the Emergency Contact Data Program for yourself and your “loved-ones,” and then requiring that everyone carry the Membership Card ID and/or ID Tags at all times, helps to ensure that vital medical and contact data is immediately available when it is needed. In an emergency an ECD membership could save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Enroll now at emergencycontactdata.com!


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