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DataTech911 Participates in MCI City Demonstration at EMS TODAY Conference

DataTech911 is pleased to announce that StatusNet911, a cloud-based MCI application, will be featured during the MCI City Real World Multi-Casualty Emergency Medical Response Demonstration at the EMS TODAY Conference, February 5-8, 2014 in Washington DC.

The MCI City Real World Multi-Casualty Emergency Medical Response Demonstration is designed to highlight leading products and technologies utilized by first responders to effectively deal with natural or man-made multi-casualty events and wide-ranging disasters.

As a cutting-edge, mass casualty incident management solution, StatusNet911 links hospitals, individual emergency response agencies, and coordinators in a single, easy to use multi-jurisdictional application. Emergency hospital and communications personnel can monitor hospital diversions and multi-casualty incidents (MCIs). Base hospitals and incident commanders can manage MCI’s and distribute field patients via the StatusNet911 interface.

StatusNet911 is a real-time pre-hospital and hospital alerting system. CAD data is integrated into StatusNet911 to provide tracking of multi casualty incidents, patient allocation, and emergency vehicle locations.

StatusNet911 provides a real-time link between hospitals, public health departments, police, fire, and EMS. StatusNet911 augments existing communications systems to facilitate the critical exchange of information during normal day-to-day operations as well as to improve incident management during a disaster.

Michael Salonish, Vice President, remarked, “Sadly, with the instances of multi-casualty emergencies so much a common part of our lives, we are eager to work with other solutions providers and the first response industry as a whole to help improve response and to ultimately contribute to the saving of lives. We are pleased to participate in the EMS TODAY Conference and the MCI City Real World Multi-Casualty Emergency Medical Response Demonstration.”

DataTech911, a division of ElanTech, provides products and technologies which enhance the speed & effectiveness of emergency medical response, improve response systems management with advanced analysis tools, communications capabilities and more.


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