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Cooke County Emergency Medical Services Incorporates AEV® Portable Ventilaor Technology into its Ambulance Fleet

Gainesville, Texas …Cooke County Emergency Medical Services, a provider of ground medical services in the Gainesville, TX. area has added new ventilator technology to its fleet.
Kevin Grant, Emergency Medical Services Director, commented on the new ventilators, stating:  “At Cooke County, we needed to replace the old technology in our rigs that we had been using for over 20 years.  When we first saw the Impact® AEV®’s we were impressed by the ease-of-use of the devices and that we could use this one piece of equipment for all of our ventilation needs.  Prior to purchasing the AEV’s, we used old Bird ventilators as well as CPAP machines. We accomplish both with the AEV®.  And the fact that they were designed specifically for the transport industry is impressive.  They have been very reliable and offer one of the longest battery run times on the market at 10 hours. And they were very affordable.”
Some key features of the new state-of-the-art Impact® AEV® Portable Ventilators used by Cooke County EMS include:

  • Pressure and Volume Ventilation Modes – The modes you need for your most challenging patients: AC and CPAP/BiPAP with Automatic Leak Compensation and Pressure Support that can manage the needs of your infant, pediatric and adult patients without compromise.
  • Rapid Charger – Battery run-time is important but how long it takes a device to recharge can be just as critical.  The AEV® has a built-in rapid charger which brings battery life from virtually 0% to 90% capacity in just 2 hours.
  • Lightweight – At ~9.5 lbs. it is one of the lightest ventilators on the market. This makes transporting and maneuvering that much easier. 
  • Enhanced Power – Impressive 10 hour battery run time with the compressor running compared with the current industry standard of between 1 and 4 hours.  This significantly reduces concerns during longer, uncertain transports.
  • CPAP with automatic leak compensation – Impact’s sophisticated software adjusts flow to compensate for leaks.   Smart flow is designed to provide the right amount of flow at all times to eliminate leak problems and not be a contributing cause of the problem. CPAP mode is oxygen efficient and allows delivered oxygen concentrations to be set anywhere between 21 and 100%.

“At Cooke County EMS we strive to provide the latest in medical technology in our mission to deliver the highest levels of quality patient care.  These ventilators are yet another example of Cooke County EMS’s commitment to continually enhancing patient care and providing the highest quality care on the ground.  We look forward to improving the care of patients we transport with the addition of these new ventilators,” Grant concluded.
Additional features of the AEV® include:

  • Daylight Visible Ventilator Screen – Enhanced viewing in direct sunlight. In addition, there is a user control that allows adjustments to the contrast of the screen offering additional flexibility.
  • Advanced Monitoring with On-Board Masimo® SpO2  ̶  Integrated on-screen continuous patient monitoring of oxygen saturation and heart rate.  This allows the user to adjust the O2 levels as needed.
  • Smart Help™ – This exclusive feature provides care givers with alarm resolution support by offering insight into possible reasons for the alarm and ways to address them.
  • Ruggedness – The AEV® incorporates a floating chassis mounting system that is designed to take a direct hit or a significant shock/drop.
  • Calculated O2 Usage – On-screen display of the usage rate helps to manage O2 tank supply needs during transport.
  • Powerful Compressor – The unique 12 valve rotary compressor operates with better control of flows which optimizes patient comfort. In addition, it can deliver a very high flow up to 100 LPM into a very large load of 40 cm H2O.

The AEV+® Portable Ventilator is manufactured in the USA by New Jersey-based Impact Instrumentation, Inc., a medical device developer and manufacturer of respiratory products and measuring instrumentation. 

About Cooke County EMS
Gainesville, Texas-based Cooke County Emergency Medical Services is a provider of ground medical services throughout the area and covers 874 sq. miles.  The company operates 4 24 hour Mobile Intensive Care Units along with a 24 hour paramedic captain.  They have a fleet of 6 ambulances and complete approximately 3,500 transports a year.  Its focus is primarily on-site emergency scene response. 


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