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Physio Control Announces Merger with Sansio

Physio-Control, Inc., the world leader in emergency medical response technologies today announced it has entered into a merger agreement with Duluth, Minnesota-based Sansio - a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and home healthcare markets.

The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Physio-Control has been an industry leader in clinical data and quality improvement tools for many years, from the cloudbased LIFENET® System for clinical information collaboration between hospitals and EMS agencies to CODE-STAT™ data review software for post event analysis.

Sansio has been a pioneer in the development of cloud-based Software-asa-Service solutions, such as the HealthEMS ePCR (electronic prehospital care report), that help healthcare providers improve clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Since being founded in 1997, adoption of Sansio’s solutions has grown rapidly and today touches millions of patient encounters annually.

Together, Physio-Control and Sansio will work closely to merge their product offerings and develop the next generation of integrated data tools that help customers’ improve patient care and overall system performance.

“This merger is a key part of a broader data strategy for Physio-Control. Data acquisition, movement, and analysis have become essential to our customers’ operations and we will soon be able to offer them more integrated data solutions. While our existing data solutions are industry leading, we believe now is the right time to invest to expand our portfolio and take a much stronger position in this area of our business,” said Brian Webster, president and CEO of Physio-Control. “We envision a future with tighter integration between data systems and medical devices, the seamless movement of data between EMS, hospitals and the home, and system level analytics that will drive improvement in clinical and operational performance for our customers. We have been very impressed with the talent of Sansio’s team as well as their extensive pipeline of new products so we are eager to kick off this partnership.”

“Joining with a world market leader like Physio-Control will give us tremendous ability to expand our healthcare solutions,” said Dale Pearson, CEO of Sansio. “Our data platforms are extremely complementary and Physio-Control’s broad customer base and distribution reach will allow us to focus our attention on bringing our next generation of products to market. Combined, these two industry-leading companies will deliver very powerful solutions for our Home Health and EMS/Fire customers.”

Sansio has a number of future-ready information management solutions that help healthcare providers improve their operations and their care:

HomeSolutions.NET is the leading SaaS solution for home healthcare agencies, providing a complete solution from the point of care to the back office. Sansio pioneered Flex Point of Care, whereby homecare agencies can choose between scannable forms, telephony, or mobile device-based, point-of-care data collection methods, automating 100% of visit data entry for all disciplines with one back-office solution. With its web-based back office, users can effectively manage their workflow by utilizing HomeSolutions Dashboards. All information is securely accessible throughout the organization via a web browser, enabling multi-site organizations the ability to easily centralize operational processes.

HealthEMS is a remote-hosted field data collection, management, and reporting software solution which is proven to help Fire and EMS providers improve patient care and financial performance. From the paramedic in the field, to quality, medical direction, and billing departments, HealthEMS creates a two-way information flow which dramatically improves the accuracy and timeliness of information needed to support billing and clinical decision making. Sansio’s industryleading HealthEMS ePCR provides a complete, accurate, and detailed description of prehospital care and is the foundation for the HealthEMS eChart. Sansio’s Patient Triage solution is a fully integrated feature that allows for patient tracking all the way from computer-aided dispatch (CAD) to the hospital.

About Physio-Control
Physio-Control, Inc. is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. The company operates in over 100 countries and is the world’s leading
provider of professional emergency medical response solutions that predict or intervene in life threatening emergencies. To learn more
visit www.physio-control.com, or connect with us at www.facebook.com/physiocontrolinc, www.linkedin.com/company/physio-controlinc-
or @PhysioControl.

About Sansio – www.sansio.com
Sansio is an established provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) information management solutions that enable healthcare providers
to improve clinical, operational, financial, and regulatory performance in pre-hospital and post-acute care settings. Its flagship products
include HomeSolutions.NET, a comprehensive, market-leading point-of-care and agency management solution for home health
agencies, and HealthEMS, a highly integrated patient management and reporting solution for fire and EMS organizations. Sansio also
provides responsive, professional services to its global customer base, and its team members are all guided by its S.I.E.T.E philosophy
that Service Is Essential To Everything. Sansio was formerly known as ScanHealth, Inc. and changed its name to Sansio in January
2007 to reflect its broader service offering. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota.



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