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Most Americans' CPR Training Likely Outdated, Firm Says


Orange County, Calif. – So, you think you know CPR because you attended a training sessionas part of an employee induction program five or ten years ago. According to new CPR research statistics released today by SureFire CPR, what little you may remember of that session is now probably out of date. Not only are CPR guidelines updated every five years, people who seek training for CPR certification forget learned skills as early as three months after they have been trained. These are just two of the 35 new statistics for homes and businesses to consider.

"Only 30 percent of Americans know how to perform CPR. This vital, life-saving skill, first performed in the middle of the 18th century, can be learned in less time than it takes to view a full-length feature film or a few episodes of vintage Baywatch," says a SureFire CPRspokesperson. "CPR is performed on individuals who are unconscious and not breathing correctly. For every minute without CPR, these individuals have a 10 percent less chance of survival. If someone performs CPR, this can triple their chances of survival."

Here are a few examples of the 35 CPR research statistics released today:

* The Number One cause of death in children is accidental injuries like drowning and choking.

* If someone is in cardiac arrest, you cannot harm them by doing CPR; it can only improve the situation.

* If you have trouble remembering how many compressions to do or how fast, they should be done to the tune of Stayin' Alive, approximately 100 compressions per minute.

* The correct ratio of compressions to breaths is 30 compressions to two breaths.

* It is not unusual for ribs to be broken during CPR. The depth of chest compressions should be at least 2" in adults, and 1/3 to 1/2 the depth of the chest in children and infants.

* Don't give up until trained medical help arrives. The longest successful CPR "save" lasted for 96 minutes.

SureFire CPR have released an attractive and convenient info-graphic listing all 35 new CPR research statistics in an easy-to-read format. This poster is available to homes and businesses as an adjunct to workplace CPR training or just as food for thought in case one of the 383,000 people who suffer cardiac arrest each year happens to be near you at the time.

SureFire CPR asks that this resource be shared with friends, family and coworkers to assist others in case of an emergency.

SureFire CPR strives to make the training experience as easy, fun,and enjoyable as possible. Through the combination of state of the art equipment, expert instructors, and friendly and helpful staff, SureFire CPR makes sure that students leave facilities with the confidence and skills that they need to effectively save lives.

Enroll online at http://www.surefirecpr.com. Contact us by phone at: 1-888-277-3143.

About SureFire CPR

SureFire CPR is one of the leading CPR and First Aid training facilities in the industry. Serving Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Corona, Riverside, San Benardino, and the greater Southern California area, they are able to provide training to thousands of people each year.



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